Dark Moment

Chocolate Shiraz Grape Baltic Porter – 7% ABV

We are bringing back the highly demanded Dark Moment.

This was the first Villain that we pushed to the limits in our production process, using 30 kg of semi-dried Shiraz grapes from our first home in the Swan Valley and a heap of Belgian Chocolate and chocolate malt.

We followed the same process with out latest release. With a little more experience…

This is ready for Easter drinking, or you can hold on to it a let it age a little for winter.

Home Brew Recipe

87% Pilsner malt

4% Caramel Munich l

4% Chocolate malt

3% Oats

2% Lactose

2.5 grams/litre powdered Belgian chocolate (<1% fats)

15 grams/litre semi dried Shiraz grapes (steep in rapid boil to sterilize, then in to fermenter before wort transfer)

0.6 grams/litre Comet hops 60 minutes boil

1 gram/litre Willamette hops 5 minute steep

1.5 grams/litre Willamette dry hop

We hope you find it, drink it and enjoy it!