Identity TDH Oat Cream IPA


The theme behind this beer is how we look at ourselves and at each other with set expectations, and make judgements based on what we believe things should be rather than what they are.

I recently had a chronic slow leaking cranium (not slow in my case…) that put me out of action for 10 weeks. It came from nowhere and took a long time to diagnose.

As an active individual I was shaken and very afraid that I was not going to fully recover. I have. I’m fine now! But it was jarring to have the unavoidable fact that I am not indestructible put in front of me, creating a minor identity crisis.


We developed this beer for Froth Town 2022. It is designed to be a fruity silky creamy IPA.

It is around 45 IBU – so maybe a little higher than some might expect. We use lactose, oats and wheat to give the silky, full body and used three dry hop additions of multiple New Zealand hops, plus a touch of Eldorado cryo to give it a big fruity punch.

As with all Villains there is a research element. This was a new NEIPA yeast we are trialling. It has good attenuation (clean finish) and supports the presentation of fruits. With low flocculation, it is reported to keep the haze longer. I hope it won’t be in cans long enough to find out!!!