Where’s the Ginger Panda?

Our Atomic G is a belting ginger beer that gives a nod to the fierce spice of the Jamaican style, but stays true 

we can't have a ginger panda drummer!

So we talked about a panda bear with ginger patches where the black should be - you know; ginger originated in China so it all starts to make sense...

Then we got real and thought about great female drummers in the world, coz there are many! You can not go past Janet Weiss when it comes to driving beats. Just listen to The Woods by Sleater Kinney and you will find it hard to disagree.


If you've been paying attention, you will see some very acid wit in what we do (hopefully!) Tim Minchin is a great inspiration to us. Not just because he's a Perth boy, but because he cuts through the BS and can entertain us with his musical talent combined with social commentary.


We are declaring right here that this ginger beer will stop yo in your tracks and make you reconsider your life choices.

This ain’t no sugar hit laced with booze. This is a purpose-built, savoury but spicy Ginger Beer that cleans as it fills the spirit with joy.

Drink it with your mates.