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Heroes and Villains was borne out of the founder, Shannon’s desire to create his own path after decades in corporate life, and a love of great beer.

As a youth he was highly involved in the Perth punk scene and was inspired by UK legends like Crass and Conflict to embark on a journey of critical thinking. Of questioning the ways of the average. It’s a long story, but a short page.

As a brewery, we are inspired by independent thought; by those who see the constraints of society and choose their own path regardless of the challenges. We take our attitude and our aesthetic from art, rock and graphic novels.

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Sophisticated beer brewing equipment inside the heroes and villains brewery

Humble Beginnings

2018 – 2020:
Some journeys should not be taken alone. Heroes and Villains is the story of an ambitious plan, and friends and family who joined together to build a dream. In a small 100m2 space in the back of a shed at Oakover winery we made the Swan Valley our home for 2 years from 2018. In September 2019 we launched our range of Heroes into the Perth market with great response.

2020 – Present:
We have been growing, developing our beer and the brand ready to take on new projects and share our beer-love with broader audiences. So, in 2020, we embraced the next stage of our journey with a 350m2 brewery and tap room is Osborne Park and have expanded our range and the brewery itself to develop award-winning beers.

The most exciting part is what comes next..!

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