Attention Seeker – Rock ‘n’ Roll in Your Mouth

If you were ate the Red Hill Auditorium on 10 February 2024, you will understand why we are so enamoured with Queens of the Stone Age. So no wonder our flagship beer – Attention Seeker- is a hommage to Josh (pardon the pun…) THE FOUNDATIONS OF OUR BRAND and lead guitar attention seeker The […]

Roadie – Dependable and Solid

The unsung Hero of the band has to be the Roadie. Regardless of their use of legal and illicit substances, they  are the ones setting up stage, lugging gear and switching instruments mid-set. EVERYONE LOVES THE ROADIE The new Roadie Mid-Strength XPA is our tribute to the unsung heroes in the background, whose unwavering dedication and […]

Renegade – A Runaway Brew

The smouldering Renegade rhythm guitarist is a staple character that has evolved with the H&V brand.  Now she has an axe, and she’s not afraid to use it!  TROUBLE FROM THE START In 2022, the Original Renegade burst onto the craft beer scene, embodying the rebellious spirit of its namesake character from a gig poster. […]

Architect – A Crazy Combination of Rock and Design

The fingers fly across the keyboards! Seemingly effortless, yet Steely with intent. That sound you can’t always clearly describe. Like a great Pilsner, it takes design to deliver simplicity. A KEYBOARDIST AND 2 DESIGNERS WALK INTO A BAND… The Architect Pilsner is modelled on Czech style Pilsners. A malt base, medium bitterness and a grassy, […]

Where’s the Ginger Panda?

Our Atomic G is a belting ginger beer that gives a nod to the fierce spice of the Jamaican style, but stays true we can’t have a ginger panda drummer! So we talked about a panda bear with ginger patches where the black should be – you know; ginger originated in China so it all […]

The Easy Draught Inspiration

Our Easy Draught is designed to be a straight up easy drinker with nothing hidden. It’s the backbone of beer. Kinda what the bass player is to any great rock band. They hold it all together without overstatement.  So where did the inspiration for the Easy bass player character come from? Tom Araya plays his […]



Under the Liquor Control Act 1988, it is an offence:

  • to sell or supply liquor to a person under the age of 18 years on licensed or regulated premises; or
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