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We love beer. And brewing beer.

That’s why Heroes and Villains offers a comprehensive contract brewing service. We will make your beer to your requirements or assist and support you in the design and development of new products. 

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whiskey wash

Whether you are looking for ongoing contract or gypsy brewing, or overflow brewing to keep production up we can help.

Our experienced team are able to:

  • Accurately replicate existing product
  • Brew to your new design
  • Consult and support new product design

We not only make the beer, but co-ordinate the logistics of packaging and kegging.

If you use Konvoy kegs you don’t need to manage keg ordering. We just transfer on-site kegs to you as they fill!

We also take care of canning through Wiley Canning services. This assures excellent quality packaged goods every time.

After stumbling into a great friendship with a local distiller, we have grown our reputation for quick, reliable and cost effective whisky wash.

It can be a simple version or something a little unexpected.

We supply in 1000L or 2000L batches, and work with you to create a wash that suits your needs.

some of our clients

We have brewed with Shannon and the team at Heroes and Villains for over 12 months.  We have been very happy with the professionalism and care they have provided us.  It goes without saying that the beer is made consistently to a very high quality.  Shannon has continuously provided great product and industry advice to help Sick Puppy grow.  You will be very happy with the set up of Heroes and Villains and their attention to detail.


Sick Puppy Brewery

Heroes and Villains started brewing whisky wash for our start-up distillery in September 2021. We were looking to partner with a brewery who understood that it was more important to take time and get the right result for our product than come with any preconceived ideas about what should be done. 

Shannon and the team worked closely with us to develop a unique wash, trialling blends of yeast and grain to build our ideal profile over a number of different trials. They were able to provide live monitoring data on all trial batches until we hit the right mark – which was easier than we had expected.

 All product from Heroes and Villains is of high quality and measure and provided on a consistent basis - which is exceedingly important when you are trying to develop a consistent brand yourself. Their desire to support our pursuit of the ideal wash has been refreshing. They have also been very supportive in structuring the brew schedule around our production demands. 

 Shannon was eager to help and demonstrated true partnership. We would recommend any business looking for a contract brewery partnership to seek out Heroes and Villains. 


Nullaki Distilling Company

Heroes and Villains have contract brewed for Phat Brew Club since June 2021. The Team have been great to work with and always shown a willingness to help us as we have scaled up our recipes up from 20l to 1000l and 2000l batches. The approach has been very much about working together to ensure quality beer production every time, with the team openly sharing their experience and expertise to improve the quality of our beers. As we have grown H&V have been awesome in accommodating us and have been super flexible in their approach, often shuffling their own program to make space for our beers.

We really have loved working with the crew at Heroes and Villains, they have been crucial in helping us get to where we are today and we have become great mates along the way. I would definitely recommend Heroes and Villains to breweries looking for reliable, quality contract brewers.


Phate Brew Club

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