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Our Range of Beers

At Heroes and Villains, we have created beers for the New Age. Indulge in our brews to expand your flavour palette, simply enjoy [responsibly], and boast about the new taste sensations you had only dreamt of. Keep your eye out for our distinct packaging and explore unique flavour profiles.


Like all good heroes, they’re always there for you! These flavour profiles are designed to be sessionable and thoroughly delicious. Our Heroes are the core of our range and adored by all.

Attention Seeker Hazy Pale Ale

Hazy Pale

Attention Seeker

ABV 5.0%

Super tropical aroma presentation supported by a juicy malt base of pilsner, oats and wheat.

Think pineapple, strawberry and passionfruit.

Renegade Citrus IPA

citrus ipa


ABV 6.5% 

We found the most citrus hops we could find and blended them to deliver a citrus punch that is refreshing, balanced with a solid malt backbone to hold up to the power!

Architect Pilsner

Euro Lager


ABV 5.0% 

There is no accident in design. This Pilsner lager has been designed to the classic style with a modern twist.


Our Villains are designed to capture a moment, test a concept, and push the boundaries of ‘traditional’ beer profiles. Sometimes, given the right amount of love…the Villain can become the hero.

Triple IPA


ABV 9.5% 

Equinox – when daylight hours are the same across the world.

The IIIPA balances a big ABV with lemongrass/citrus hops.



ABV 6.0%

We use whole Beedelup hop cones in this fresh IPL.

Nice hits of guava and passionfruit on crisp lager.

Gordon Road

Our Gordon Road range are simple, classic, no fuss beers to enjoy with a few mates in the afternoon sun. These brews were created at our brewery located on…you guessed it ‘Gordon Road’!

Gordon Road ginger beer can

ginger beer

Gordon Road
Ginger Beer

ABV 4.8%

A beer based ginger beer. Real ginger bolstered by ginger syrup and sharpened with a light touch of red chilli. Fresh and crisp.

Gordon Road draught beer can


Gordon Road Draught

ABV 4.5%

This is a straight-up easy drinker. Nothing floral. Nothing fancy.

German Ale cool fermented and designed to drink like a lager.

Come and Visit us

Our low-key industrial warehouse tap room in Osborne Park is the perfect place to end your working week. Choose from our 12 taps of award-winning beer and decide whether you’re a fan of the Heroes, the Villains, or the classic Gordon Road. With chilled sounds and relaxed atmosphere, our friendly crew are ready to take you on a journey of flavour and quality. (Or they can just give you beer!)

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